why the existence of God is reasonable

originally posted (on facebook) Sunday, June 29, 2008 at 2:37am

this is just what ive gathered over the years and is by no means an exhaustive or exemplary list…in fact, as you probably know, many have articulated such thoughts much better and i have cited them. please correct me if i am wrong. here is my humble summation thus far summed up in the acronym TIMES-P

1. time (aka cosmological arguments…see thomas aquinas and william lane craig)
a) whatever begins to exist has a cause. (all things in time begin to exist)
b) the universe began to exist.(einsteins theories and red-shift in the universe)
c) therefore, the universe had a cause.
d*) since the begining of the universe is as far back in time as you can go (time began here…time can’t keep on going back or else we would never reach this time) the cause had to be outside of time or something that never began to exist…i.e. God

2. intelligent design (aka teleological argument…see aristotle)
a) complexity/systems imply design or intention (formulas, computers, watches)
b) the universe is complex or seems like a system (properties of physics, dna)
c) therefore it is reasonable to think there is a designer or intender (since the universe consists of all things designed..that we know of…this designer or intender must be the ultimate designer or intender from which all designs and intentions come) i.e. God

3. morality (c.s. lewis offers a compelling argument)
a) there is morality (we have notions of what we ought to do for some reason, even when it might not be evolutionarily advantageous…and its not just social convention b/c how then could we judge social conventions…like the societal conventions of the nazi’s?)
b) if there is morality then there must be a moral law giver
c) therefore there must be a moral law giver who did not recieve it from anyone else but is the author and epitome of morality itself…i.e. God

4. existence (i guess this is a broader sense of #1..for a different kind of argument see the ontological argument of anslem or alivin plantinga)
a) something doesn’t come out of nothing (no spontaneous generation)
b) something exists
c) then it came from somewhere
d*) one can go back until, eventually, it is possible to reach a something that always existed or did not have a beginning from which all things derive there existence…this is not “nothing” nor is it just “something” but rather it is The Thing/Entity of which all somethings are a part and of which all something are but a shadow…i.e God

5. supernatural (c.s. lewis’ miracles)

a) if supernatural things happen there is something outside of the natural world
b) supernatural things happen
c) therefore there is something outside of the natural world and it must have a source…i.e God

6. presuppositions (see Greg Bahnsen)
a) all arguments rely on logic, principles, reason, etc. or “presuppostions”
b) these “presuppositions” don’t just come from nowhere
c) therefore they must come from somewhere, someone who does not rely on anything else but is the author, epitome, and unchanging sustainer of these constants…i.e. God

looking for a better blog site…

ok this is my actual first post.  the one before this was some automatic dealy.

here goes another networking/expression experiment.  ever since xanga has pretty much died (well at least in my circle of friends) ive been hankering for another venue of blogging.  xangas got the most old connections for me to my other friends (who dont blog anymore…boo!  i think cuz of media obsessed facebook and myspace.  they’re cool but where is the CONTENT?!).  also i’ve been looking for a weblog site that might allow the following options (well, that will allow them easily, since im still not so tech savy):

1) to easily read bloggers that i’ve subscribed too (like the recieving email option or the all in one view like xanga)

2) to catergorize (like this wordpress site) and rank topics (like some japanese blog sites…i think “ni-channel”?)

3) a permanent space on the blog for quick links to important/interersting/favorite/useful blog entries

4) to track readers without having to install some funky do-hickey thing

5) to sync with or send updates to facebook (cuz some people just still wont visit a blog site without that)

any suggestions out there for sites that have most of this?    just wondering.