i am on a journey to give up more of myself to become all that I AM meant to be.

these days my family and i are trying this way of life to see what would happen if where there was need was where we lived, was where we worked, was where we worshiped, and was where we learned to love.  since 2011, this blog has been set apart to record what God is showing us as we live and love amongst the urban poor right here in los angeles.

to find out more about who i’m doing this all with check out these links:
Servant Partners, the mission organization i am fundraising through, that serves among the urban poor (if you’d like to give financially to the work through our family you can select “staff member” and write in “david kitani”)
Words to Walk By, a book our lead pastor wrote about discipleship in the context of our cross-race, cross-class, inner city, community based church plant out of Epicentre Pasadena.
IntheCity, the community nonprofit our church members started and supports, that is reaching out to our local schools

please feel free to contact me at <david dot kitani at servantpartners dot org> if you’re interested in supporting the Kingdom of God coming here in the inner city as it is in heaven!

*this is a personal blog therefore my views may not necessarily reflect the views of servant partners, epicentre, and/or in the city.


4 thoughts on “about”

  1. Thank you for sharing this! Love this! We don’t share our testimony enough and it is so refreshing to read this. I have a similiar conversion story. I accepted the LORD at 7 or 8, but did not walk strongly with the LORD until I was 18. I always “knew God” and believed Jesus was the only way, but I did not have an intimate, growing, fruit-bearing relationship with God until I was 18. That was when I really starting reading the Bible too

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