happy 3rd birthday to my first born

big brother

you’ve made it through your terrible twos (kicking and screaming)!   you wanted to hit and spit on and most everything (often your younger brother), had countless crying breakdowns (you didn’t quite know that you could use words instead), had the most explosive solid-overflowing-your-pants sort of poo (which daddy made worse by pulling down to your feet), and got your first troubling note home from school (that gave mama some tears).

yet, this year you also learned to eat by yourself (downing that natto and ice cream as if your life depended on it), wash hands by yourself (with way too much soap), write letters of the alphabet (along with a bunch of other made up hieroglyphs), sing songs heartily (in japanese with your korean mom), share (some) of your food, make friends (esp with the ladies), and have actual conversations (your daddy gets a kick out of those)!

your top two interests in your twos were cactus and mannequins…yup, you’re a little weird…which I love about you!

here’s to hoping your year as a threenager will be gracious!


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