mentoring anew

Through working with the youth at Epicentre community church, I’ve had the privilege of mentoring two young men, Sergio and Aaron.

I met Sergio on his first visit to youth meeting after his football practice.  He was a big gentle giant of a freshman who was very quiet.  Through the love of the church community he has really opened up and he is such an earnest learner, so tender and open to the Lord’s voice in His life.

Sergio and I at church

Aaron is a quiet punk rocker with a generous heart and is diligent with his passions.  He came to church through his recently saved parents and he too has transformed so much.

Aaron rocking out

I started meeting up with them early in the morning to teach them how to have face time with the Lord…and they have responded to the challenge so well.  They’ve been excited to learn how to meet with the Lord.  After coming up against so many walls in my disciple-making experiences, I see God’s gracious redemptive work as I am reaping the benefit of witnessing the growth of these young men, for whom I did no sowing work.   Sergio is so willing to obey what God speaks to him, even standing up in class for his faith.  Aaron is so enthused that he shares what he learns with others, even spurring on his own parents.  We pray together and witness answers to prayer together.

Although full time ministry with the church is not yet, God has opened a door for me to work part-time with, IntheCity, the non-profit liason between the church, the school, and the larger community.  IntheCity currently focuses on reaching out to the youth through sports teams at the local high school, integrating team-building, academic assistance, and parent outreach.  It’s through these opportunities that relationships have been built with young people like Sergio and Aaron, growing them closer to our Heavenly Father.

Please join me in praying that they grow into spiritual leaders in their community and where ever the Lord takes them!  I’m so excited for what God is doing here in Lincoln Heights and beyond!!  If you are interested in supporting me and the work happening in East Los Angeles, leave me a message and I will get in contact with you!!!


3 thoughts on “mentoring anew”

  1. David! How and when did you get involved? We are part of Epicentre Pasadena! This is so awesome! We pray for and support the Lincoln Heights ministry! So surprised and encouraged that you are discipling these guys and involved with IntheCity! Tell Chris and Jenny that we know each other! 🙂

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