prayer poem

in the last couple years i have reached the limits of my own strength.  i can not do life without God.  with that realization comes a theme in this past year or so in my life: God’s invitation to prayer.

prayer – the place for our hearts to admit we need Him, and where He can unleash His power on behalf of those who ask.

the theme of prayer cannot be missed in the book of Luke, which my intern team has been studying.  it is amazing how the prayers mentioned in this historical account cascade into one another and that even our prayers at this moment join into the unfolding of His kingdom here on earth, until that day when all prayers are answered and words are no longer necessary…when we see Him face to face.  every reference to the word “prayer”, and its variants, in the first nine chapters has inspired this poem.



Your people were praying outside Your temple,

not knowing that You were setting Your forerunner in motion

to prepare the way for them to come inside Your temple

by entering into us and making us Your temple

as Your servant was lifting up incense to You

in the most holy place

You sent a messenger to let him know You had heard his prayers

for a son

who would be a messenger for the Redeemer of israel

the one the prophetess had been praying to night and day,

recognizing He had been born to a poor married couple

whose son, Your son in whom You were well pleased,

grew to be baptized by this messenger of You,

praying when Your spirit descended upon Him

empowering Him for His ministry, Your ministry

a ministry that came with such impact no one could stop it from spreading,

so much so that Your son had to steal away

to be alone to pray

to reconnect when people wanted to lift up a worldly king,

lift up the traditions and rituals of men

instead of You the True King

who had much bigger plans that came in such humble form

passed down through 12 simple men

Your son chose through an entire night of prayer,

teaching them to pray even for their enemies

to prove they were Your adopted sons

but they were still trying to figure out who Your son was

and when they understood

Your son knew it because You had revealed it to Him through prayer

that You revealed it to them

so Your son took His inner circle again up the mountain

to see You pray again

and for them to see You revealed in all Your glory…


Los Angeles from Lincoln Heights, 1/25, 4:22pm

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