she reminded me of Jesus

q.s.  when i first met her last week she was working diligently in mr. r.b.’s class afterschool.  she is a special day class student.  when you see her having to walk with arm crutches you know.

this week on tues. students were to write an obstacle they’ve been through and how they did or did not get through it.  i looked at q’s paper.  she wrote that she has not gotten through it because she is going through it now…people who make fun of her.  i told her what i try to remember when i am going through a hard time: God is with me.  i think i saw her eye tear up.

this morning she came in early.  she is almost always by her self as she makes her way across campus, much more slowly then everyone else.  she let me know how it’s been hard: the ridicule, that she is only one with crutches on campus, that everyone knows her as “that” girl, that she thought she was going to graduate last year and was on her way to graduation when a staff member told her that she still needed to do two more years of high school.  no one told her this before.  she was crushed and humiliated.  but here she is back at school.  she says people can encourage her but they don’t always understand.  what gets her through, she said was her faith…that she feels better when she remembers she is actually not alone because God is with her.

i am humbled by q’s example.  she reminds me of Jesus.  she walks forward by herself through ridicule by people that don’t understand her.  just like Jesus did for us.


q walks alone through ridicule but presses on…because she knows she is not alone, that she is being made strong.  Jesus walked alone to calvary carrying a cross as people ridiculed him…He would be completely abandoned…but He was strong for us.


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