day 4: sacrifice

4: Genesis 22:1-14; John 1:29-37

“Abraham said, ‘God will provide for himself the lamb for a burnt offering, my son.’ So they went both of them together.” – Genesis 22:8

“The next day he [John the Baptist] saw Jesus coming toward him, and said, ‘Behold, the Lamb of God, whotakes away the sinof the world!'” – John 1:29

i am in awe of the fact that whereas God only tested abraham for abraham to see if he would give up his only son, God actually gave up His only Son…for our wrongs.  abraham would have done it, but God stays abraham’s hand.  indeed abraham was right in trusting God as provider: God sacrificed what was most precious, so that we wouldn’t have to.

a sacrifice is an offering given to someone greater but it is also a laying down of something/someone for the sake of something/someone else.  A something/someone worth the sacrifice.  i am reminded that Christ, who knew He would be a slaughtered like a lamb, endured it all “for the joy that was set before him.”  what was that joy?  what was not yet complete?  was it not saving us?  so that we could also be with Him?  that He, the creator of heaven and earth, would lay down his life before us…that is just too amazing.

are we taking in the full implication that He made the greatest sacrifice for our sake…what He was willing to do before us?  can we say He doesn’t love us then?  how then shall we live?

thank you Lord that you gave your life.


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