blessed are the poor?

why and how are the poor blessed?

for so many years i’ve only heard the matthew beatitude expounded as those who are “poor in spirit”…spiritually poor.  though that may be true, i am learning from scripture (OT law, OT prophets and the heart and nearness of God to the poor, luke 6, james 2, to name a few), and some of my experience has confirmed, that the disciples of jesus who are physically poor indeed experience a unique blessing.  as i was reminded by a sister’s wonderful testimony of the transformation of her alcoholic father that her family left 8 years ago, those who are poor recognize their great need and can experience our great God to meet those needs.  for someone who has experienced an empty cup, how great is their treasuring and joy when it is filled to overflowing?   this is opposed to someone who has only known a full cup, not recognizing Who has filled it, and is consumed with keeping it full rather than consumed with the One who fills.

i am reading “companion to the poor” to try to learn some of what it means to have the heart of Christ and for the poor to be blessed.  according to viv grigg: “poverty is not blessed, but the poor are-those poor who become disciples…because of their poverty, they trusted God in a spirit of dependence.”

“And he lifted up his eyes on his disciples,and said: ‘Blessed are you who are poor,  for yours is the kingdom of God.'” – Luke 6:20


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